Many of the events are free! Only those in the Biergarten, Weingarten and Alpinegarten require an admission purchase, and this is noted by the green ticket that says ‘Entry Fee’. These are all accessible with the purchase of a wristband. Those performances that require the purchase of a wristband are noted on the schedule with a green ticket next to the title.

A wristband once purchased for the day is good for the entire day and can be used in the same day for admission at any time to the Biergarten, Weingarten and Alpinegarten. Come at noon and stay through until midnight, switch venues for a variety of performances. Step out to get lunch or dinner at a food booth and you are able to reenter venues quickly and easily; for more details on the wristbands, check our FAQs about cost.

The schedule is almost complete. Please remember there is a possiblity that events may be added or deleted due to a variety of reasons.