This page contains some good information about how to get to Oktoberfest. Feel free to drive to town and find street parking, use our Oktoberfest partking lots, consider a private vehicle with friends, or try the new shuttles from Portland and Salem. Lodging is thin in Mt Angel but there are 4 RV lots with dry camping. For more details, click on the links above.

Oktoberfest Parking

Oktoberfest parking is available in two lots, clearly marked as you approach Mount Angel on Hwy 214.  The cost for parking and trolley service is $15 for the entire day.

  • Blue lot is located on the north side of town. This lot has moved to the east side (left side as you come to town) of the road, and is now located in a much larger field. Watch for the reader board on the highway as you approach. The trolley will take visitors in through a back route speeding the drop off time considerably!
  • Red lot is located on the south side of town off Academy St.
  • Both lots have trollies running every 15-20 minutes which will drop you close to the center of activities.
  • Bus drivers: the green dots show the bus stop and where to park the bus for the duration of the visit.

Shuttle to Oktoberfest!!

Thanks to North Marion County Tourism Collaborative, Travel Oregon, the City of Woodburn, Mt Angel Oktoberfest, the City of Silverton, PGE & Class Act Events. Shuttles operated by the professionals at Northwest Navigator Luxury Coaches.

The shuttles are planning to return to Oktoberfest again this year. Departure locations will be in the Portland area (east side and west side). The routes will be direct from Portland and Salem (Fairgrounds).


  • No alcohol is permitted on the buses.
  • No pets are permitted.
  • Be a good neighbor to those around you on the bus. 
  • If you enter the bus and appear to be poorly behaved or at risk of vomiting, you will be asked to leave.  No refund will be given.
  • All rides will be purchased online.  Class Act Staff will have no cash on their person.
  • Confirmation of purchase should be presented to the Loading Site staff before boarding.
  • Patrons need not be 21. However, no rider under 18 years will be permitted to ride without an adult.
  • Buses will be filled in each direction to or from the festival. Once a time slot is filled it will not be possible to purchase additional seats at that time slot.
  • Riders will be able to select their departure time and place to the Oktoberfest and the time departing Oktoberfest.  When the buses are filled the option for each time slot will disappear and not be a possible selection. 9:00 pm is the latest departure time.
  • If space is available, those wishing to ride may purchase a ticket while standing at the bus provided the purchase is made online through Afton ticketing and they can show their confirmation of purchase in their email on their smart phone as proof of purchase.
  • Riders must provide an email address at check out for purchase confirmation delivery and bus communications.

Lodging & Camping

There are four RV areas in town during Oktoberfest, none of which have hookups. Each is well-marked as you enter town and all are within easy walking distance of the festival. Please call the sites directly for information or reservations. Click on the map below for contact information for each RV location.

  • The Red Lot off Academy St. does not take reservations. They take drop-ins. The phone is available for pricing and questions. The cost to camp over night in the Red Lot is $30. There is always room for additional campers.
  • The Blue Lot (north of town off 214 / Wilco Hwy) will take drop in campers as well for 2024. The price to camp is $30/night. This site takes drop ins only; reservations can not be made in advance.
  • The Weingarten lot does not take reservations until January each year.
  • Hoffer’s RV will not take reservations until July 2024. This lot accepts only self-contained RVs and does not take tent campers.

Resort and Lodging did a write-up on Mt. Angel’s Oktoberfest and can offer suggestions on where to stay.

Other Transportation

Ride for Hire, Lyft, Uber

Both Lyft and Uber are now operating in our area.  Load your app, load your ‘home’ address, and launch out to the festival using 5 N. Garfield St., Mt. Angel, OR 97362 as your destination.  The driver won’t be able to stop right in front of City Hall, but you will be placed near a drop-off point for easy identification and pick-up.


Generally, there are a couple of taxi companies that will have cabs on site in front of the Biergarten. If you need a ride, google for one from the Woodburn area.

Consider carpooling

Another option is getting together with friends for a carpool. Enjoy a ride with friends, and then you only need one driver! Check out the GoMates site to help set that up!

Arrange for private transportation

Rent a van, shuttle, or full-size bus.  These can be arranged with some well-established transportation vendors:

If you are a transportation specialist or a hotel who would like to establish a package deal and would like to be included on this page, please contact us.