Our newest garten will be the Engelgarten! (the Angel Garden)

2022 will be its inaugural year. Our newest biergarten will be located on the north end of Garfield Street, in the Arts and Crafts area. Watch for the banner flying Garfield Street to lead you in.

The beer and wine selections are under evaluation. There is one beer already selected for sale in the Engelgarten, the Mt Angel Doppelbock to be brewed specially for Mount Angel Oktoberfest’s 2022 Festival by 10 Barrel Brewing. The others selections haven’t been determined, but you know it will be a stellar selection. There will be wine and maybe a cider available. Click here for the 2022 beer menu for all venues.

This garten will have no cover charge, and entertainment will be limited.

We will be updating the information for this new venue as more details are determined.