Many beverages are offered at Oktoberfest – Pepsi products and sodas, wines from the northwest, local ciders, a few seltzers, and beer!

If you are thirsty, we have you covered. We have included our beverages in one place; over 40 beers, multiple soda flavors, about 30 wines, several ciders and a couple of seltzers, and of course, water.

All ages can enjoy a refreshing Pepsi soda or Aquafina while wandering the food booths and enjoying the cultural event at Oktoberfest.

Beverages available in the Gartens:

Check out the two tables below. The top table, Beers of Mt Angel Oktoberfest 2022, will show all the beers available at Oktoberfest and will be fully populated about August 1 with this years selections. You may use this table to find which styles are available and which ‘garten’ to find them. You can sort the table by column or use the search bar at the top of the table for more specifics. Table 2 is all about the other alcohol beverage selections; wines, ciders and seltzers.


Table 1:

Beers for Mt Angel Oktoberfest 2023

This is the comprehensive list of beers for the 2023 Mt Angel Oktoberfest. You will be able to find your favorite brewers, beer styles, German import or crafts and lots more details then be able to identify which venues you need to visit to find you favorites or find a new love.
You can use the search bar or sort by column.
A table below shows the wines, ciders and seltzers.
So much tasty goodness!

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Table 2: Wine, ciders and seltzers

For those who don't drink beer, we have lots of choices.

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